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Fitness For Older Women

Everyone loves the idea of being healthier, fitter, slimmer or stronger but to be successful, each person must get into a position to become fully involved in what they want to achieve, how their lifestyle will allow them to achieve it and, crucially, by when. Only when these things have been considered, can you make your aims a priority, schedule your activities correctly and create an atmosphere of ongoing success to replace any notion of failure.

So, how do you know what your ideal fitness programme is? Firstly, ask yourself, 'if I achieved my ideal fitness, what would my life consist of and what would an average week of fitness look like?' The answers people can come up with here can be very ambitious with the ideal programme for an aspiring regular gym-goer often looking something similar to the schedule for an Olympic athlete.

So now ask yourself, 'when specifically will I be doing each part of my ideal schedule?' The ideas you come up with here will begin the process of turning your Olympian schedule into a more achievable proposition by focusing on what training you would like to do or would be able to do at different times on various days as you fit the programme together in your head. So far, so good.

Now comes the key question, which is often overlooked. Ask yourself, 'if this is my ideal schedule, with commitments to various activities at set times and days, would it work if I were to put it into action immediately?' Would it work if the week you are imagining in your head was this week? Would it work if you were to put it in the context of the other things going on in your life like work, family, friends, socializing and your other interests and hobbies? If not, what would work? Which of the elements of your 'ideal' fitness programme are really possible and even desirable given everything else that you have and that you enjoy in your life?

By acknowledging that your current ideal fitness programme could be an abstract ideal and not a realistic proposition for your current situation, you are now free to get on with designing a new schedule that can become your true ideal. This time, your ideal programme is designed specifically around your needs and your situation, it fits into your life, and is achievable.

Manage your expectations carefully. Aim too high and you will set yourself up for disappointment. Aim too low and progress will be slow. Think carefully about your ideal fitness programme and then slot it gently into your life.

Everyone has the ability to plan a fitness programme they can easily follow and get results with. When you know your schedule you can plan when to put fitness into action and then you can forget about it for the rest of the time. So not only do you become the active exerciser you have always wanted to be, you will be liberated by success and free from the perpetual guilt of not living up to an ideal that was never realistic in the first place.

Fitness has a very broad meaning encompassing improved health, enhanced looks and a better feeling. With advancing age, a woman’s delicate body undergoes more stress (due to child birth or hormonal changes in the body during menopause) in comparison to a man’s body. For older women aged over 40, whose bodies begin to lose bone density and muscle mass, strength training offers a lot of benefits and helps to gain bone density and muscular strength. Strength training tones the body and makes it slimmer and shapelier. This is because the flab and fat in the body is replaced with more muscles. However, strength training does not help reduce weight because muscles are heavier than fat. Strength training returns the youthfulness in the lives of older women.
Most recommended in the strength training program for older women is the use of leg weights and free hand weights which are adjustable. One must start with the lightest weights available and gradually increase the weights as well as the intensity and duration of the strength training. It is better to start with 1 to 3 kilograms in each ankle cuff and 1 to 2 kilograms of dumbbells. One can simply start working out from the comfort of their home. It would be really helpful if one could manage to get hold of the book titled “Strong Women Stay Young”, which covers a wide range of basic exercises for older women. Older women must be extra careful if they are suffering from back pain problems. It is always wise to consult a physician before deciding to go ahead with an exercising schedule.
If you are looking to feel good in general and have a better body then start thinking about fitness seriously. Once you start you will automatically feel the benefits of being fit and healthy.

Fitness Training Program For Children – Exercise Tips For Kids

The different ways and methods we utilise at Athletic Performance Plus in our personal training and fitness coaching vary greatly. The guiding factors a lot of the time depend upon the environment and equipment available to train in. Commonly, our trainees use it as an excuse if they can not find a treadmill or a bench with a set of dumbbells (usually in a place called a gym or leisure centre) to miss a training session and veg out in front of the television!

Getting away from preconceived notions of training is one of the things we excel at, incorporating new training techniques and methods to push your body to the next level as well as adding variation to your workout. A little secret though... weight training involves lifting a weight, wherever you are and any form of cardiovascular exercise involves moving irrespective of whether you are in a gym or not! The take home message here is don't let the boundries of where you perceive you must train and what you need to train hamper your training.

Commonly we are asked what gym equipment to purchase for in the home- people forget that there own body weight is an effective tool as any for improving strength, endurance or for burning fat (in truth some peoples own body weight is more effective than others at providing training load giving extra motivation to reduce body fat and reduce weight if only to make exercise easier as there is less weight to move!!). Exercises such as press ups, pull ups, squats and lunges are fundamental movements that all individuals should be able to perform- however, how many people can not touch their toes or complete 10 perfect form press ups. The truth is modern life has made us weak and lazy to the point where some people can not even move their own body weight effectively and efficiently. We take the approach that teaching individuals to move their own body weight and developing reactive strength is the first boundary to improve fitness. Why add additional load to an individual who cannot single leg squat to 90 degrees or why perform lat pull downs to fatigue if someone can not perform a pull up?

In truth, certain individuals may struggle with bodyweight training though this is usually because they have become detrained for a given reason through inactivity or injury. For an athlete or regular exerciser it is crucial to be able to perform body weight exercisers to protect yourself from injury and maintain postural balance in the body. We have worked with athletes who can squat well over 100 kg of weight yet can not remain balanced during a simple body weight step up- considering that during movement we are usually on one leg the ability to stabilize and move our body weight through range is vital to performance- if this individual can not stabilize movement during a step up the implications for injury become quite clear.

The following exercise session is a circuit based strength endurance workout or can be used as an effective fat burner and challenge to torso stability. Remember to maintain good form in all exercises performing each exercise in sequence for 30 to 60 seconds for at least 3 to 5 sets to fire up your metabolism and burn:

1 Burpee Pull Ups

2 Step Press Ups

3 Towel Charges

4 Get Ups

5 Press Up Holds

6 Wall Holds

Exercise Descriptions.

Burpee Pull Ups - Starting in a standing position, perform a squat till your hands are on the floor kick your legs backwards into a straight arm position, return your legs back to a deep squat stance and then jump up to the chin up bar using momentum to perform one underhand close grip pull up release and repeat. This can also be performed as a burpee if no chin up bar is available.

Step Press Ups - Starting in a straight arm plank position with a step directly in front of you keeping your hips flat, put both hands up on to the step one at a time, afterwards put both back to the floor one at a time to the starting position then repeat.

Towel Charges - Place two towels one under each foot holding a straight arm plank position throughout. Slide one knee into your chest, avoid you lower back bending then return the leg back to the straight arm plank and alternate with the other leg and repeat.

Get Ups - Starting completely flat on your back holding one dumbbell straight (it is important that the dumbbell stays above head height), begin to stand up first bend your legs until you can perform a deep squat pressing upwards to standing, return back to the deep squat and return to the starting position, then repeat.

Press Up Holds - Starting in a straight arm plank lower into a full press up once you reach the floor hold completely still for the allocated time then press back up to starting posture, if you cannot hold the position for the full time push back up and recover.

Wall Holds - Starting in a straight arm plank the difference is both feet are placed flat against a wall so bodyweight in going predominately through your arms, if you cannot hold the position for the full time recover for a few seconds before returning to the starting position.

For most people around the world, being fit means that they walk around the block, or that they go to gym for a fitness training program. Fitness for some people might be that they play with their children. Whatever your level of fitness is and whatever type of training program you use, as long as you are doing some kind of activity it is a good thing. Now what about your children? In today’s world with the internet, computer games, and television, most children spend too much time not being active. According to fitness experts and doctors, children should not be inactive for more than 1 hour, which means that even watching a movie is not that good for them.
Starting a fitness training program for your child can be very easy if you just use some initiative. You don’t have to get them to the gym which is boring for them and expensive for you, but you can use other methods. Make sure that they don’t watch TV for more than 1 hour at a time. If they are watching a movie, make sure that they don’t get to watch anything else or play computer games that day. Rather encourage them to play outside. You can go to the park, let them run around the garden, or give them other activities to keep them occupied.
If the weather is horrible, it can be tempting to forego the fitness training program and let them just sit in front of the TV or play games, but you can control these things too. Get them games that are active like the dance mats, and sports games where they have to do all the movements. You can also make up dancing games for them, or if they are young enough let them only watch a program that gets them up and moving with fun songs and dancing.

24 Hour Schedule Shift Work – Is it Wreaking Havoc on Your Life and Body?

Make Six Figures as a Personal Trainer and Have a Life

How much do top-of-the-line personal trainers make? Well, when I compare what I make as a personal trainer to the millions so many people on the Internet claim to be earning in the fitness industry, it feels like chump change. For example, I got a hard-sell automated e-mail message from a fitness marketer a while back, in which he claimed he's a millionaire and that one of his friends is earning more than 150k--a month. I don't make much more than that a year as a personal trainer so I know that such "success stories" can make you feel as though you're heading down the wrong career path. So why pursue top-level training? Why should someone want to be a personal trainer and earn just 100K? Well the answer has nothing to do with money.

Don't get me wrong; income's important, but there are other things to consider, such as:

- What's your take-home pay?

- How many hours do you work?

- Do you enjoy your job?

- Where are you headed, professionally?

- Are you the kind of person you want to be?

- Does your work fulfill or bore you?

These are the factors to weigh when deciding how much importance to place on how much you earn because they're what being a top-level trainer is about. It has nothing to do with the income, because when you take all the factors into account, what this profession offers you is way more than just what the 100K represents.

Not that anything's wrong with earning six-figures...After all, a $100,000 income has a certain cache and significance in America.

It signifies membership into the consumer society. You can now participate in and enjoy what people call the American dream and way of life. When you stop to think about it, our entire consumer society and marketing is devoted to these six figure earners. For example:

- You can afford payments on a Mercedes Benz.

- You can save enough to buy a home.

- You can afford to build a high-fashion wardrobe.

- You can take vacations to places to domestic resorts and abroad.

- You can afford to put away about 10% of your income each year.

Is all this superficial? Yeah, but if you can't have or do these things, you're going to feel left out, as though you're one of the un-cool kids that can't get into the party. But, consider the price of admission to that party. We get to feeling it'll take millions of dollars to live a comfortable and appealing lifestyle. So, we wind up working for years

on end and sacrificing the best years of over lives and countless other things to get the kind of lives we want but wind up squandering much of them in that pursuit. We fail to realize is that just a simple plan to six figures in earnings would have got us there! I remember when I first reached this level of earnings. There's a certain sense of entitlement that comes with it - as though the curtain's been pulled back and a new world has been made available to you.

Keep in mind that less than 10% of people in our society earn 100K. When you consider the type of work personal training involves, and the fact that training rates are so high, I think it's got to be the best and simplest career to earn a six-figure salary. By simple, I mean you can earn it just from training clients. You don't have to sell e-books, vitamins, books or balance boards, record videos or open a tiny training studio. You can do it by training lucrative clients--period.

If you're not earning that much as a trainer yet, you're probably not thinking about what you do correctly. I don't know where or when being a personal trainer got a bad rap in the fitness industry, but I think the reason is because it's typically been associated with the major health club setting, not independent trainers who want to create a stable practice. That's why you hear a lot of people who get into fitness for some reason speak disparagingly about training. They want to skip the step of being a personal trainer. They're the ones who want to have a sports gym or be a strength coach for a major sports team.

There's nothing wrong with that; getting to a top position in this field is a great goal And, being a top-level trainer can give you those opportunities. It becomes very easy to shape your future when you're earning 75-100K in about 25 hours a week. Even if you're a college student working towards your Sports Science degree, earning a good income in this field will shoot your career curve straight up. After all, what makes more sense to you? Working a part-time job doing some unrelated task while you're in school, or already succeeding in the field you're studying for? And keep in mind, you can apply everything you're learning in school to your clients

The top level trainer lifestyle has given me the time to do and learn things that I never would've been able to do otherwise. Professionally, I learned to become an effective writer, have made lots of lucrative connections, written for the major training magazines, and speak at the major conferences. Personally, it's given me the type of high-profile lifestyle that I thought was only reserved for drug dealers or trust-fund brats. Another group that knocks the six-figure salary are the trainers out there who think they're earning it already. But when we're talking about six-figures, there's a lot we're not talking about. I don't mean that you:

- made 150K in sales in your training department last year, of which you only kept a small commission.

- worked 60 hours training children and old ladies (not that there's anything wrong with that but it's not for everybody).

- you "own" a gym. I earn more than any of the private gym owners I've ever met. They all had business partners so were only minority owners in their gyms, and had tons of expenses and worked at least 60 hours per week. They didn't own the gym, the gym owned them.

What's more, I don't care that you own a training facility, because after you paid all of your employees, expenses, and advertising expenses, you're very lucky and smart if you took home more than 100K--and, again, you probably work a lot of long hours to do it. No, when I say six figures, I really mean six-figures in take-home pay. How's that possible? It's because in our economy, the government loves entrepreneurs. They're the people that make the whole economy possible in the first place.

Remember, when you're a personal trainer, you are technically a small business, even if you don't have any employees or have just 10 regular customers. If you form an S-corp as a small business person, you can declare a lot of your expenses as tax-deductible. And the tax documents for S-Corps are not highly scrutinized - that's the advantage of living in a capitalist country. America loves and cultivates entrepreneurs.

There are other bennies to consider, such as the fitness lifestyle. Did you know that most fitness conferences are held in Vegas and Miami? This means that your hotel, airfare, and admission to the event are all tax deductible, as are your training certifications, gym memberships, and exercise classes. So, how do you get to that six-figure salary? It all boils down to just two things: conducting expensive training sessions, and finding and keeping about a dozen clients who can afford to pay for them. It really is that simple.

The ball's in your court. Chase it.

As globalization has continued to increase, companies have done their best to ensure that they can produce as many products as possible. This often can come in the form of factories running at all hours of the day, so that there are different shifts. With much factory work and the variance of the amount of work every week, this can often lead to numbers of people working varying shifts around the clock.
This type of work can wreak havoc on your body and your sleep patterns. Let’s talk about some of the impacts that this can have on you if you find that you do not work a consistent schedule.
To begin with your body operates on a circadian rhythm. The term began because the term means roughly one day. With the circadian rhythm, your body has different events which go on during the day. Conditions will help in dictating your circadian rhythm such as whether it is light or dark along with cues such as when you normally get up and when you are functioning.
This is important to understand because your body functions better when your circadian rhythm is consistent. This can help in regulating your body temperature, producing hormones, generating new cells, and in how the brain will work and be active. This gives you a good understanding of how critical the circadian rhythm can be to you in the long run.
If you disrupt this rhythm, this ultimately does have negative effects for you. One of the major disruptions can be the 24 hour schedule shift work. If you work a varying schedule, as this would require, you are not able to let your body get used a particular schedule.
The circadian rhythm is not necessarily disrupted if you change your schedule permanently but changing it on a periodic basis does not do you any good. You may find that you are struggling with more fatigue than you are used to or could develop a sleep disorder if you change around your schedule for a great period of time. The effects of disruption are similar to the effects of jet lag. Your body has to continually readjust itself.
This probably shows you why it is so important that you try and develop a routine for your day. It is not important that you sleep when everyone else sleeps but rather that you have set times so that your body can be well adjusted. Sleep quality will impact your life in a positive manner.

Low Back Pain – Neck Pain – Muscles – Shoes

If you are a horse, a donkey or a giraffe, about three hours of sleep per night should do it.

Just be thankful you are not an opossum or a bat; they need 19 and 20 hours sleep per day.

For humans though, the answer is less straightforward.

I can tell you that if you are like most people, you need a lot more sleep than you are currently getting!

Most people are sleep deprived, even those who consider themselves well-rested.

If left to our own devices, without clocks or anyone digging us out of bed in the morning, most of us would sleep around 10 hours.

This sounds like a long time in the sack, but even busy people with much to accomplish tend towards 10 hours of sleep if they have no clocks to refer to, and if they can't tell what time it is from the sun.

This has been tested in sleep labs under ground, and in real life studies above the arctic circle where there is 24 hour daylight in the summer.

Research show that people with 9 to 12 hours sleep are much more effective than when they get just 7 or 7½ hours.

If we were all able to get 10 or 12 hours sleep every night, one night's lost sleep would not be a problem. If only we were able to get any where near that amount of sleep on a consistent basis!

Since most of us are getting just barely enough sleep to function (or even less), losing just an hour or two of sleep on a particular night is traumatic.

This is why you want to do everything possible to make sure you get quality sleep every night. You probably aren't able to put aside 10 hours a day for sleep, so you need to make your time in bed really count!

Lower back pain and neck pain can be exacerbated by altering the gait cycle. Improper heel heights in shoes and ill fitting shoes are common causes impairing the gait cycle.
In the normal gait cycle, the foot rolls over from the heel to the forefoot. Increased effort of the muscles involved in walking occurs when this gait is impaired.
Walking on the toes as is in wearing high heels or when there are tight heel cords increases the muscular effort. The muscles controlling the foot and ankle, knees, hips and trunk have to work harder. There is also diminished the leg venous pressure compared with walking barefooted.
Shoes therefore may increase loads on the lower extremity joints causing muscle and joint pain. Patients who already have pain can exacerbate the back and neck pain secondary to wearing improper shoes.
Even those who have no pain can experience back and neck discomfort or pain depending on the type of shoes that they wear.
In wearing high heels, the plantar pressure in the heel and midfoot shifts to the inner (medial) forefoot, and the vertical and forefoot ground reaction forces increase.
Muscles have to contract with greater force on wearing high heeled shoes since the person is walking on his/her forefoot.
Normal gait consisting of shifting the body weight to gradually roll over from the heel to the forefoot is greatly impaired. The over active contraction of the muscles will lead to pain and cramps in the calves, thigh, back and can exacerbate low back pain and neck pain.

The Lunchtime Boob Job

You have probably heard about penis enlargement exercises - but have you considered if they are right for you? These days we hear so much about living a healthy life style and being sure to exercise, and to avoid surgeries and pills. Well, if you are other than thrilled with the current size of your penis - you should consider incorporating penis enlargement exercises into your daily fitness routine!

Not joking! When is the last time you thought about penis strength? All muscle benefits from exercise, and exercise builds muscle bulk. So, exercise the muscle in your penis to get bulkier! Who does not want that?

Let us face it! Your partner is not likely to tell you she is dissatisfied. But if you have ever heard her remark that size does not matter - there is your clue to what she is really thinking! We all know that size does matter. However skillful you are in the bedroom, added size will be sure to add pleasure. And the best penis enlargement method is the one that is safe, private, and effective!

By practicing penis enlargement exercises daily you can actually increase the length and width of your penis. Remember you are exercising a muscle, so how do you learn these exercises? By following the exercise routine for penis, you can begin exercising your way to a fuller, heftier penis. It only requires a mere 10-15 minutes a day.

Furthermore, it is done in the privacy of your own home or wherever it is that you feel comfortable to take yourself in hand. You can even incorporate the exercises into your foreplay and share the routine with your partner. Share the intimacy and share the results.

The best penis enlargement method is the one you will want to do and you will only want to do what bears results. These simple yet effective penis exercises will bring those results, affordably, reliably, safely - and privately.

There are other methods but why run risks? The exercise method is natural and convenient and fun! All men enjoy a firm grasp and a milking sensation applied to their shaft. And now when you know the correct methods you can use these natural pleasures to actually do more than masturbate - you can strengthen and lengthen.

The time you have spent masturbating can be spent developing a penis of which you can feel proud and confident and the results are lasting. Muscle has memory! So do not wait any longer to be longer and stronger. Start your new exercise routine today and believe me, this is one exercise routine you will want to stick with!

Recently criticized on National Australian Television by the ASPS (Australian Society of Plastic Surgery) was the new launch of the lunch-time boob job (also know as Breast Augmentation Surgery).
What is it? you might be asking,
Well the new way of getting breast augmentation surgery involves less operating time, less pain & less blood loss. The lunch time boob job is great for women and the cosmetic surgery industry, women now have a option that almost eliminates pain, 24 hour recovery, less surgery time, less blood loss and women can get the results they are seeking 10 minutes quicker than the old way of breast augmentation surgery.
What’s more amazing about this new way of breast augmentation surgery is that you can go straight back to work within the next two days after surgery, you don’ t have to take a whole week off work, and lose money with each passing day, within 24 hours you will be able to lift your arms you may even be able to keep up with your exercise regime within 2 days.
The surgeon who was on television talking about this new way of having breast augmentation procedure was a doctor named Dr Daniel Fleming, from Australia, he is a highly respected breast augmentation surgeon whom specializes specifically in the breast augmentation procedure.
Dr Daniel Fleming is one surgeon who is performing the new lunch-time boob job, and he does this everyday. Since the start of this new way of breast augmentation surgery Dr Fleming has performed over 130 surgeries of this type in Australia, and the Australian women are raving about it. They can’ t believe how painless the procedure was & they love it. After hearing stories that it feels like you have been hit by a bus, 3-5 days of pain, and more painful reviews I don’t know why anyone would want to do it the old way.
What your a surgeon would say normally when you make a consultation…
You will need a week off work and maybe longer if your job involves more physical activity, Take it very easy for the first few days, Expect to have quite a bit of pain, Strong painkillers and muscle relaxants will be provided. You must not put your hands above your head during the first week, You should not drive a car for a week, Avoid physical exercise for six weeks.
But now it’s all changed you can get safe and effective surgery with 24 hour recovery, less pain & more
If you want more information just Google Dr Daniel Fleming Brisbane Cosmetic Surgery and get a full report and a informational download on this, the New Lunchtime Boob Job.
Who to ask before you have surgery…
Remember a consultation with a certified surgeon is a must, ask your friends and family about there experiences from when they had breast augmentation surgery if you know of any, ask your local GP if they would recommend you a qualified surgeons, research the surgeon’s online or through the appropriate websites and lastly make an appointment with at least 5 other surgeons, then choose the one you feel most comfortable with. One last note don’ t ever get the procedure done if you feel pressured it’s your body and you are the one who has to live the decision for the rest of your life.

Eight Ways to Get Fit at Work

If you are looking to lose some weight or get in shape, a fitness club is a great idea. There are many benefits to working in a health or fitness club but with so many options these days, how do you choose the one that is best for you?

Well, one good idea is to find out about all the ones in your area and then compare them. But how do you know what to compare? Below are some of the most important things you should look for in your fitness club and you can compare to find the best fitness club in your location.

The location of your fitness club is going to be very important. Not only do you want one that is close to your home and/or work place but you also want one that is easy to get to. Convenience is going to be extra important on those days when you are not really feeling up to a work out and you are looking for any excuse to skip out on your routine.

You may want to interview some of the staff at the facility that you are thinking of signing up for. Staff can be very helpful to you, especially if you have never used some of the equipment before. Helpful staff will guide you through so that everything makes sense and you know you are using the equipment properly.

Do they have the equipment that you need for the workout you plan on getting? Do they have updated and safe equipment? Do they have enough equipment to accommodate the number of members of the facility? You lose benefit of your workout if you spend most of your gym time waiting on a machine.

If you have friends or family that uses a certain facility, it may take precedence over one where you do not know anyone. Some people like to have someone to work out with. Does your fitness club encourage social interaction with a common gathering area? Do they have a location you can sit around and have a cup of coffee or tea and say hello to one another? Little details like this can help sway your option toward a particular club.

What programs and classes does the facility offer? If you are looking for yoga, kickboxing, etc then you will want a fitness club that offers these programs to you.

The next thing you are going to want to look at is the maintenance of the property. How well do they keep the facilities clean? Are the restrooms clean and properly stocked? Are the equipment and floors cleaned regularly after people have been using them? Is the trash regularly removed from the building? These are all important factors that can make your visit to the fitness club more pleasurable. Plus, if they show they have proper cleanliness then they likely perform proper safety maintenance on the equipment as well.

Some schedules don’t leave much room for working out. If you have the motivation but you don’t have the time, it is still possible to accumulate activity through out the day to stay healthy. All you have to do is exercise whenever and wherever you can.
Results don’t necessarily require long hours in the gym. It’s completely possible to stay healthy and get in to shape by “active living.” Active living is simply, making your lifestyle more active. It’s a very easy transition and can make a huge difference to your overall health and energy levels. Use some of the suggestions listed below to add activity in to your work day.
Go for a walk after you eat lunch. Convince your co-workers to come along, the extra motivation and company.
If your workplace has a gym, use it before or after work.
Use resistance tubes at your desk
Wear a pedometer to monitor your climb to 10 000 steps per day.
Always take the stairs over the elevator.
Walk everywhere. Hand deliver in-house messages instead of e mailing and walk instead of taking the car for local errands
Schedule your exercise. Make it an appointment and stick to it.
Stretch every hour to prevent stiff muscles, back and neck pain.
Find ways to add activity in to your busy routine. Exercising anytime you can, whether you are doing calf raises while waiting for photocopies or speed walking home will all add up. If you have the motivation, you will do it!

Save Money on Your Gym Membership

I wanted to make this big, elaborate list with everything you need for good home workouts.

But when I sat down to make the list, I realized the pure simplicity that exists when working out at home, in that there is virtually nothing you need to do them.

In fact, I thought I would start with a quick list of everything you DON'T need for good home workouts.

OK, you get the picture. And you are well aware that, because your life is so busy and money is so tight these days that gym workouts are not your best use of your time or your money.


Answer: nothing.

OK, you might need a few things, but compared to the list above it feels like nothing. So, here they are.


- no biggie, right? My favorite places for good home workouts is in front of the TV while I'm catching up on the day's shows I recorded, in my home office when I am on a webinar or watching a video online, and out in the neighborhood or local park where I can run sprints, stairs, and hills. And the amount of space you need is really limited to the size of your wingspan.


- Yup, I said 10 minutes. The good thing about

is that you no longer need an hour to work out. There is no wasted time when working out at home so you can squeeze in a good workout whenever you can sneak one - when the kids are napping, before the family wakes up in the morning, after the kids go to sleep, when your significant other is bathing the kids, at your lunch break, etc. Sometimes, it can be just as beneficial to steal a few 10 minute intervals throughout the day where you can workout then try to manage your day to find 30-45 minutes to do home workouts all at once. The good news is that if you have some stroke of luck and your kids head off to a birthday party for 2 hours, you can also customize good home workouts to take more time and be a little more difficult.


- This is my favorite part of working out at home. You actually do not need half the pointless machines that are in the gym. You really don't need the cardio equipment they have. You really don't need the machines that work one muscle at a time, and you really don't need the personal trainers who work in those commercial gyms telling you that you do need them. In fact, you don't actually need any home equipment for good home workouts. It's called using your own bodyweight instead of weighted equipment. There are a gazillion different bodyweight exercises that can make up good home workouts. In fact, I talk a lot about them. If you would like to increase the challenge and variety of your home workouts then I recommend trying the following props: foam roller, stability ball, dumbbells, kettlebells, jump rope, chin up bar. There are others you could get too but those are just a few to start and ones I use to workout at home as well.


- preferably designed by a fitness professional or perhaps even a home workouts expert! Please don't go it alone based on what you read in the news, see on TV, or read in fitness magazines. Those sources rarely base their programs on scientific research and techniques that work. They generally base their programs based on what can make them the most money.

So, there are 4 requirements for


Get off the computer and start doing them!

In these hard economic times where we’re all trying our best to save money and being that little bit more careful with our hard earned cash, staying fit can be difficult. Gym memberships are often seen as a bit of a luxury and can be the first thing to face the cut during hard times. But not having a gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t still keep fit, there are lots of ways to keep fit without having for fork out each month for gym memberships.
The first thing to consider before you make the decision to cancel is whether you have the right level of membership – many gyms offer much cheaper off peak packages. If you find that you only go during the day or during other off peak times, you may be able to save yourself money by switching to a cheaper package. There’s no point in paying extra to use the gym in the evenings if you never go at that time.
Many people find that they need to motivation of a proper gym and cannot work out at home. Rather than signing up to your local private gym or health club it’s a good idea to check out your local leisure centre – many also have gym facilities and are often considerably cheaper options. Many also have pay as you go options rather than having to commit to monthly memberships.
If you have your heart set on joining your local la fitness or fitness first, there are a few things you can do to try to save money. The first thing is to try before you buy – signing up to a 12 month membership is quite a financial commitment so you need to make sure the gym is right for you before you sign on the dotted line. It is important to bear in mind not only whether facilities and classes are suitable but also whether actually going to the gym is for you. Nearly all gyms now offer free passes ranging from a free day up to 7 days. If you have a friend that is already a member, make sure you speak to them first – existing members often get allocated a certain number of free guest passes to entice their friends and family along, plus if you do decide to join up they’ll usually get some kind of reward in the form of reduced membership cost of vouchers of some sort. The other thing to think about, once you have decided that the gym is for you, is to try to haggle on price. Most clubs will be able to offer some flexibility on signup fees at the very least.

How To Grow Muscles Tips And Tricks

Neurological fitness has to do with your nervous system and how it learns and adapts. It is a critical component in your quest to be in your best physical fitness condition as possible which can include losing weight, developing lean muscle mass, and other healthy qualities.

What does it mean to become neurologically sophisticated? It means we become tactically fit. Now, what does it mean to become tactically fit? It means that we have our fitness skills to adapt and improvise just like the special operation forces. Our bodies will not be neurologically sophisticated or tactically fit if we just do the same movements such as regular push-ups every time. Push-ups are a great exercise- but we can elevate our fitness more by adding new movements to this basic foundational exercise. This is what neurological fitness is all about.

From basic to compound to complex will empower our neurological fitness and our physical fitness. Our bodies can adapt quickly. We need to improvise our exercises to become challenging so that our neurological (nervous) system will become "smarter" (for lack of a better word).

Just like school, we need to have prerequisite course before we get into calculus. We need to have basic knowledge in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Then, we need to build compound knowledge in algebra, trigonometry, etc. Then, we apply those knowledge to do complex calculus problems in order to develop our math skills. Physical fitness and neurological fitness is similar to that.

For the push-ups, we can learn the basic exercise movement (with strict form such as keeping the back straight). Then, we can learn compound movements such as the corkscrew push-ups where we keep our right arm straight but bend the left elbow (resting briefly on the left elbow). Then, go back to the starting push-up position. Then, do the same on the right side. We need to keep our form by pushing from the elbows. Then, the guard push-up is a complex movement. It is similar to the corkscrew push-up but you bring your hands to your head like you are doing a bicep curl while doing this exercise movement.

Neurological fitness will elevate your fitness level especially when you continually learn new movements and exercises. This in turn will empower and enable you to be at your physical best.

Body Building is very useful at keeping you alive longer, and is one of the handful of human skills which carries over for zombies. Body Building Exercises Exercise is an essential part which should be done by each and every person to remain healthy and fit. The lessons that Arnold, Le, Dorian and many of the other great BODY BUILDING CHAMPIONS learned can easily be followed by those hungry for success today. If the body building supplements, or any product you are using now are not being absorbed by the bloodstream first. Why not join the thousands of individuals that have successfully changed their lives by achieving their dreams either in body building or losing body fat in the quickest possible time.
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Strength training exercises pro gramme for women – bodybuilding. This will give your body a good deal of the time it takes to recover after burning out/over training. Normally what happens when a person starts weight trainings that there is an initial period of growth (can be rapid in some cases) which gradually slows down to a point where you can’t add 1-2lbs on your exercises each week. As recovery is both physical and mental, a sound sleep is required every night so that training sessions can be faced with freshness and energy. How To Never Quit On Your Fitness Goals Bods Comment: Your mind is the most powerful tool available to achieve enduring results in any fitness or weight training pro gramme. Just about everybody and anybody who is serious about making gains and training hard uses this product.

Weider Home Gym Equipment-Way To Better Lifestyle

When you think about bodyweight exercises you probably think pushups, situps,

bodyweight squats, pullups, dips, etc. There are so many bodyweight exercises

that you probably never heard of, Thrusting Pushups, Grasshoppers, Frog Pushup


There is one exercise that is a sick and result producing, yet most won't do it, it's

painful, it makes your lungs burn, makes your legs scream, the intensity is incredible,

the exercise is the Burpee.

A few seconds into this exercise will show you the benefits, this is not a exercise for

the weak, it's for the hard trainer, the person that won't give up, and your fitness level

will soar beyond what you have ever thought.

The Burpee should be used as part as a fitness program for the person that wants a

high level of fitness, they are very demanding you will either love them or hate them

and most hate them, they hurt, they make you breath hard, your lungs hurt and

your legs will burn.

You can get a great workout in as little as 2 to 3 minutes, and this is great for a busy

lifestyle. If you can workout for only 2 to 3 minutes and get great benefits wouldn't it be

worth it.

If you believe what you read, you can't get a workout in 2 or 3 minutes. This is where

the fitness experts and doctors maybe wrong. You don't need 30 minutes of exercise

to get into great shape, you don't even need half of that.

The Burpee is a great way to push yourself to the next level. The Burpee is a total

body workout, you will burn more fat, build better endurance, and a greater level of

physical fitness.

You can do the Burpee anywhere, indoors, outdoors, in a bedroom, a hotel room where-

ever you are, the Burpee will get the job done.

To do the Burpee:

1. Start in a standing position 2. squat down and put your hands on the floor.

3. kick both legs back at the same time ( you are now in a pushup position ).

4. bring both legs back under you, towards your hands, and jump up in the air.

This is 1 fast movement and should be repeated for as many as possible.

For a quick workout try this:

Do 10 Burpees, rest 10 seconds, Do 9 Burpees, rest 9 seconds, Do 8 Burpees

rest 8 seconds, continue until you get to 1 Burpee, when you get to 1 Burpee

work back up to 10 Burpees.

Whosoever goes for home gym equipment will try to get together all machines and achieve the required fitness levels. Weider home gym equipment is one such machine which combines the functionality of all equipments and saves you a lot in terms of buying equipments and costs.
If you are on a weight control mission and wish to shed off a few pounds or if you wish to have a muscular body appearance, weider home gym equipment is the one for you. Weider home gym equipment use the latest techniques in body building be it new power rod or weight training for gaining strength and increasing endurance. There are a variety of Weider gym equipments to choose from. One can go for a stand alone machine to a four station gym, depending upon one’s requirements and needs. These help you to gain the desired results with the effort that you would like to put in.
While most of the equipments help you in performing twelve to fifteen gym exercises, weider home gym equipment has such versatility that it can help you to perform up to sixty five different kinds of exercises provided with a resistance of around 400 pounds. This ensures that you move up the training program gradually.
Weider home gym equipment come for individual body parts as well as there is the option of going in for home gym which can provide you a complete body workout. One of the popular equipments is the Weider dip and pull up station or the Roman chair as it is famously known as. It can be useful in building up abdomen structure and lose the side belly that one tends to develop through the use of its vertical knee raise or by pus up and pull up knobs and steps. This comes along with a bench to perform free weights, upper body and leg exercises so that one can develop good endurance power.
Since entire body work out can be covered using
by using two equipments for the legs , back, arms and the chest, it is quite useful. One can add or reduce the weight since the weight stack on the machine is flexible and as one moves up the progress chart, one can easily gain strength without risking injuries.
Since the weider home gym equipments are very concise in size, they do not occupy a lot of physical space at your place. One can easily work out in the comfortable environment of home and not worry about going to the public gym on a daily basis. This ensures that you get that much extra time for working out and hence better results.