The heart plays a vital role in keeping the body alive. The heart is a pump that pumps life through the body. The heart has two main functions. It pumps blood to the lungs to retrieve oxygen and then pumps that oxygen into the blood and transports it around the rest of the body.

The heart is actually muscle and you have to keep training the muscle to maintain its conditioning. As the saying goes if you don't use it you will lose it, and this also applies to the heart.

When the heart is in top condition the body works like a highly maintained car engine, it runs perfectly. A heart that is healthy and well taken care off is more able to cope with demands and stress that is put on the body. As the body has been designed to move it is the constant of physical activity that keeps your heart fit.

A healthy heart can provide you and your body with many benefits as follows:

• By acquiring the habit of doing physical exercise everyday you can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease and coronary heart attack. These exercises do not have to be intensive are done for a long period. As little as 15 minutes a day of exercise that makes you breathless will greatly improve the health of the heart.

• A heart that is healthy and strong will enable the body to function more effectively. This will enable the body to take on more strenuous activities and the common daily tasks are done with efficiency and comfort.

• A trained and healthy heart works more efficiently than one that is out of condition. This means the it beats at a lower rate when the body is resting. Over time this means the heart works less and does not wear out.

• The great thing about your heart is that it has the ability to heal and repair itself. For example, if it has already been damaged by heart disease it can be repaired through the proper healing processes and activities.

As you can see the heart plays a very important role and as it is a muscle of the body you have to keep training it to keep it healthy. The best way to do this is to look at your current lifestyle and see if any improvements can be made. For example, you could cut down on high fat foods and introduce more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. If you do not take any exercise then maybe you should consider joining a gym or go for a jog a couple of times a week to keep you and your heart in shape.

Always seek medical advise before changing your diet or taking physical exercise if you have a health condition.

When you think about bodyweight exercises you probably think pushups, situps,
bodyweight squats, pullups, dips, etc. There are so many bodyweight exercises
that you probably never heard of, Thrusting Pushups, Grasshoppers, Frog Pushup
There is one exercise that is a sick and result producing, yet most won’t do it, it’s
painful, it makes your lungs burn, makes your legs scream, the intensity is incredible,
the exercise is the Burpee.
A few seconds into this exercise will show you the benefits, this is not a exercise for
the weak, it’s for the hard trainer, the person that won’t give up, and your fitness level
will soar beyond what you have ever thought.
The Burpee should be used as part as a fitness program for the person that wants a
high level of fitness, they are very demanding you will either love them or hate them
and most hate them, they hurt, they make you breath hard, your lungs hurt and
your legs will burn.
You can get a great workout in as little as 2 to 3 minutes, and this is great for a busy
lifestyle. If you can workout for only 2 to 3 minutes and get great benefits wouldn’t it be
worth it.
If you believe what you read, you can’t get a workout in 2 or 3 minutes. This is where
the fitness experts and doctors maybe wrong. You don’t need 30 minutes of exercise
to get into great shape, you don’t even need half of that.
The Burpee is a great way to push yourself to the next level. The Burpee is a total
body workout, you will burn more fat, build better endurance, and a greater level of
physical fitness.
You can do the Burpee anywhere, indoors, outdoors, in a bedroom, a hotel room where-
ever you are, the Burpee will get the job done.
To do the Burpee:
1. Start in a standing position 2. squat down and put your hands on the floor.
3. kick both legs back at the same time ( you are now in a pushup position ).
4. bring both legs back under you, towards your hands, and jump up in the air.
This is 1 fast movement and should be repeated for as many as possible.
For a quick workout try this:
Do 10 Burpees, rest 10 seconds, Do 9 Burpees, rest 9 seconds, Do 8 Burpees
rest 8 seconds, continue until you get to 1 Burpee, when you get to 1 Burpee
work back up to 10 Burpees.