When studying which cardio machine is best for you, you have to do a lot of research. You don't want to walk into a gym and use a treadmill, because it was the only exercise machine free and then buy it because you liked it. You have to study which cardio machine will benefit you better than the others.

For example if you have weak legs or weak knees, then you won't want to excessively exercise them by using an exercise bike. Instead a treadmill might be the perfect option. Because you can start off on a lower walking speed, and then when the knee or leg starts to get stronger, then you can pick up the pace and start to gradually strengthen the area that was weak.

In this article I am going to look at cardio machines and see which one is best for home users. Also you will discover which one is perfect for you.

Cardio machines are the perfect exercise equipment to use when working out. Cardio workouts are a great way to keep your lungs and more importantly your heart in good shape. When using cardio machines you will also burn calories and fat, plus boost your energy simply by using cardio machines as part of your daily exercise. One cardio machine to use is a treadmill. We all know how expensive treadmills can be but it is a cardio machine and you know that you are going to have a healthy heart in no time.

One prime thing to remember for when you are thinking about buying cardio exercise equipment is the room required for your cardio equipment. Treadmills and exercise bikes are all well and good. But if you do not have the space for these pieces of equipment then you would have wasted a lot of money. There are other pieces of cardio equipment that are a lot smaller and still do the same work on your body.

One piece of cardio exercise equipment that doesn't take up a lot of space is the Both Sides Up ball (BOSU.) This is a very small piece of exercise equipment and allows you to perform exercises with ease. The BOSU is also a very cheap piece of equipment usually costing around $10-$20.

A rowing machine will also not take up too much space but once again the cost can be a factor when it comes to deciding on a purchase. A rowing machine will exercise your upper body and keep you toned. If you can ignore the fact that you aren't actually moving but staying within the same scenery then maybe a rowing machine is a good choice for you.

Overall Cardio exercises are essential to keeping a healthy heart. But it is up to you which cardio exercise equipment you choose to have in your home. You will need to weight up the advantages and disadvantages of each piece of equipment. If you see a personal trainer or even a doctor they will be able to give you the right advice on which piece of cardio exercise equipment will be best for you.

With gorgeous foliage and cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect season for outdoor activities. There’s something invigorating about a breezy fall afternoon that quite simply revives the soul. If you’re looking for ideas on making the most of this season, below are a few suggestions for fall activities for fitness and fun.
* Hiking. Whether hiking along a rugged mountain trail or in a wooded area, the time of year is just right for this endeavor. With a sense of adventure in the air, you may find yourself tackling trails that before seemed too challenging. If you own a mobile GPS device, use it to create some new hiking paths.
* Flag football. Reminiscent of a movie scene on a college campus, get together with a few friends for a game of flag football. With high school, college and professional football in full swing, your competitive spirit should be up for the challenge. Flag football is a great way to spend a fall afternoon.
* Jogging or walking. For those who enjoy jogging or walking, fall makes this exercise just a bit more pleasant. Enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of the season on an extra long route on weekend mornings.
* Raking the yard. Who says raking the yard is just hard work? You can actually have some fun with it. Share the task with family members and think of creative ways to make raking a game. No matter who wins, all can enjoy the sense of accomplishment with a cleanly raked yard.
* Bike riding. Another way to get in a solid and enjoyable workout during the fall is to ride your bike. Whether competing in a local race or going for a more leisurely ride, your spirits will soar will when biking on a cool fall day. If you have children, bike riding makes for a nice family activity.
* Yoga. For those who are passionate about yoga, try an outdoor session as the sun sets on a glorious autumn day. The serenity of nature will map to the inner serenity you’ve found. Yoga is such a relaxing form of exercise and meditation, and the fall weather truly compliments this discipline.
* Camping. Finally, if you’d like a weekend filled with both fun and exercise, go camping. Whether setting up camp or scouting for wood for a bonfire, you’ll truly enjoy the camping experience during autumn.
Clearly, fall is a great time of year to pursue countless activities. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy autumn to the fullest. After all, winter is right around the corner.