Health Benefits of Oregano

Symptoms of a sinus infection include headache or pressure in the eyes, cheeks, nose, or on one side of the head. Other symptoms may include nasal congestion with thick nasal secretions, cough, fever or bad breath. Drinking hot liquids (herbal teas, soups etc.) and dressing warmly helps keep agni strong. One of the best-proven Ayurvedic herbs for fighting winter infections is Andrographis paniculata. The first natural sinus headache treatment is the hot and cold compression. Apply a hot compress over the sinus pain areas for 2-3 minutes and then a cold compress for 30-60 seconds.

Home remedies for sinus infection, If you do not have a neti pot, simple dilute some warm water and put it in a nasal sprayer or spray bottle. Then, spray it up your nose every hour or so until symptoms start to subside.Nasal disease, including chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinitis, is a significant source of morbidity. Nasal irrigation has been used as an sinus treatment of sinonasal disease. Herbs used for natural cures are plants or parts of a plant used for its flavor, scent, medicinal or potential therapeutic properties. Herb parts include flowers, leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, stems, and roots.

Sinusitis, the clinical term for a sinus infection, affects the paranasal sinuses by causing great inflammation that results in the afflicted individual's expressions of this nagging condition. To name a few of the other sinus infection treatments, there are nasal sprays, antibiotics, decongestants and steam inhalers as well as natural cures. Nevertheless, all these modern treatments come along with their own particular side effects. Nasal congestion may result from postnasal drip buildup. Sinus infection is another complication, and it can cause swelling to increase to the point of a sinus headache.Get more information on home remedies for sinus infection.

Think oregano, think of rich, savory tomato sauce or the best pizza place in town. Over the course of history, oregano has actually been an herb that has confused a great many people. In most cases an herb may have two or perhaps even three variations. Oregano on the other hand has a whole genus of herbs that over the years have been called by the name oregano.
In history the culinary uses of oregano were almost unheard of. It was the medicinal uses that were used by the Greeks for aching muscles, the Romans for spider bites, and the bald men even tried rubbing it with olive oil in hopes of regrowing their hair. There is no known clinical studies or research on the effects of oregano. Oregano came to North America by way of European colonists. It was not originally a native plant, but now can be found growing wild. Upon arriving in North America it was quickly used as part of standard medicine. The tea was used to treat coughs and asthma. An oil was used by distilling the herb in water, however, as it takes nearly 200 pounds of oregano to produce a single pound of oil, it was quickly dismissed as a standard oil in medicine.
Today, oregano is probably best known for its appearance in tomato sauces. However, many modern herbal practitioners still use the remedies from the past. Infusions of the leaves are used to sooth coughs and headache’s. Taking a drop of oregano oil on a toothache is a remedy that truly works. Using the pretty pink flowers to make a tea from will calm motion sickness. The nice thing about oregano in ingesting it as either a tea or an infusion is that there are no known side effects. It is one of the few herbs today that are completely safe.
The most often used remedy today however, is still the external uses for oregano (other than culinary). An herbal poultice made with oregano will soothe painful swellings. To make an oregano poultice use fresh oregano. In a blender mix the fresh herb along with a little oil or wheat germ oil. Spread the blend on a piece of cloth or gauze and place directly on the affected area. Since the oil can stain wrap the area with a plastic wrap and leave on for up to 24 hours. To be effective, the poultice needs to be made fresh for each application.
A plaster can also be made by spreading honey on a cloth in a very thin layer and crush the fresh plant sprinkling it onto the honey. The cloth can be taped directly over the affected area for up to 12 hours.

Guide to Starting a Fitness Business

Many of us suffer from Angular Cheilitis. Natural cure seekers however, have found the answer which eliminates this condition within days, even hours. So what exactly is this Angular Cheilitis natural cure, and how does it work? The answer is really quite simple, and involves all natural ingredients which are readily available to acquire. It all ties in with what causes Angular Cheilitis... once we identify the cause, treatment methods can then be effectively implemented.

The cause is fungal bacteria. It is this which infects the paper-cut-like lesions at the corners of the mouth. Bacteria are ever evolving, changing into many strains to avoid attack by even antibiotics (else we'd have an absolute cure for the common cold), so we need to affect a change which will kill bacteria in whatever strain they change into. Fungal bacteria thrive in a moist environment, dying out when things become dry. If we dry them out, they all die off, and healing of the lesions can then occur within a couple of days.

But how to keep such a naturally moist area dry, and without drying out the skin to the point of damage and other problems, is the trick here. This is where an Angular Cheilitis natural cure comes in. There are herbal remedies which can dry out the fungal bacteria, but not the skin. Once this is implemented, and the bacteria dies off, the body can then effectively heal itself of these lesions, closing them up within a day or two, and the infection is non-existent - so the problem never recurs. With Angular Cheilitis, this is the most effective natural cure anyone can use and be able to heal with, naturally.

Fitness is a major factor in living a healthy life. Fitness means different things to different people, for some it is the ability of an individual to participate in sports and activities while for some it is all about feeling and looking good. People are getting health conscious nowadays and you can see them following diet patterns, exercise routines and holistic approaches towards body fitness. Fitness business is one of the popular branches of business, which is currently in great demand due to health conscious consumers. You can tap into this growing trend by starting a business of health and fitness.
Here are some tips to start your own fitness business and attract the clients that you need. Starting a business of fitness demands research and careful planning. There are different aspects of a fitness business that need to be considered before taking the first step:
1) First, you need to have sound understanding about your client base for your fitness business. Before starting a business such as a fitness center, you should know who your ideal client is, where they live, what they listen to, read, and watch, what they need and how much they earn. Having this information before starting a fitness business will help you to direct your marketing efforts to attract more clients. You need to narrow down your marketing efforts and make tailor made advertisements specifically targeting these clients. Once you get clients, they are likely to stay with you for a long period of time.
You can advertise your fitness business through different mediums and gain the attention of your prospective clients.
2) After you have information about your targeted clients, you should decide on a location that is nearby and accessible to your targeted clients. The different aspects of location which should be considered are:
o Where will be your fitness center located?
o How much area will you need?
o How much it is going to cost you?
o Does the location have good visibility and accessibility?
o Does it offer enough parking space?
3) After you decide on the location of your new fitness business, you need to look towards putting other things in place such as equipment, staff and money required for starting a business like a health center.
Equipment: You need to have the right equipment for business.
Purchasing good quality equipment when initially starting a business is a wise decision because you won’t have to face the repair immediately, that is, within a year. Purchasing used equipment for a fitness business can be dangerous, causing many problems.
Staff: In the fitness business, it is advisable to recruit well-trained and experienced staff. You need to have a knowledgeable staff to answer customer questions. The staff should be well acquainted with the use of different equipment and their benefits while exercising.
Financing options: You need to have enough financing to start your business as planned. You cannot compromise on staff or equipment for lack of financing.
It has been proven that starting a fitness business can turn out to be a profitable exercise in long run, if well planned. Anyone, starting a business related to health and fitness can get significant returns.

Kidney Disease Treated With Placental Stem Cells in Mexico

You most likely can ask this question to hundreds of ex smokers and in turn get hundreds of different answers. An easy way to quit smoking for one individual may be the most difficult method for another. We all are different and naturally not one method is right for everybody.

With all the different programs and products that are now available to help you quit the smoking habit, it is becoming easier to accomplish the goal of having a smoke free life.

According to many experts in the health community some of the easier methods to help you quit include the use of nicotine patches, gums, and inhalers. Each one of these methods has shown to be successful to some degree. Other methods might be hypnotherapy, laser therapy or a simple shot.

As you do your research into each program, make sure that you have all your questions answered to your liking before you commit to it. Look for the overall reported success rate of each. This is crucial to how well your outcome is likely to be. Once you make a decision with any type of program, stick with and don't give up.

Although many will tell you there really is no easy way to quit smoking, each day more and more programs are coming to market that allow you to make the transition from smoker to

smoother and less stressful. Research into the ways your body reacts when you finally do decide to quit smoking is bringing new light to old methods.

Who would have thought years ago that by the use of a simple shot, or through the use of a laser beam, you would be able to ease the withdrawal symptoms when you make the choice to be smoke free?

We all know the dangers of what smoking will do to each of us if we continue the pattern of lighting up. For most of us we hear it daily. Cancer, heart disease, lung disease and premature death. If that doesn't give you the motivation to quit then you are probably falling prey to all the horror stories of people who have tried and failed. Don't let yourself buy into it.

If you want an easy way to quit smoking, start by choosing a program that you can accomplish. Always keep focused on the long term health benefits that you will receive when your body finally recovers from years of smoking. Live longer, be healthier, save money and most of all, be smoke free.

Imagine that you are a mother and you just gave birth. You can make a very important decision that can affect the lives and health of many people. The placenta (afterbirth) that was the uterine home of your living, loving newborn is no longer needed by your baby. However, the stem cells it contains are valuable to people who are receiving placental stem cell treatments.
These life-giving cells can be used to treat a variety of conditions and diseases such as ALS, cancer, cerebral palsy, dermatomyositis, diabetes, gangrene, hepatitis C, HIV, immune deficiency, multiple sclerosis, migraines, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s, retinitis pigmentosa, rheumatoid arthritis, spina bifida, and stroke. But, that’s only if you travel outside the US.
While US researchers and politicians debate the potential of stem cells, over 2,000 patients from the US and around the world have actually been treated and many healed with non-controversial placental stem cells. Thanks to International Stem Cell Institute (ISCI), there’s no need to wait until the FDA approves legislation to receive stem cell therapy. If you are willing to travel, stem cell treatment using non-controversial stem cells from placenta is already available in Mexico.
A 51-year-old Houston woman named Diana Salinas was 32 when she had a kidney biopsy that returned a diagnosis of Nephrotic Syndrome (Glomerulonephrytis Proliferating Type II). This condition causes severe protein loss through the urine. Diana was losing up to 7,000 mgs of protein during a 24-hour period and was very sick. Her nephrologists expected that she would be in dialysis and/or have a kidney transplant within four to five years. She had edema all over her body including her lungs and had been taking 100 mgs of steroids for several years before she decided to try stem cell therapy.
In 1992, Diana came to ISCI in Mexico and had her first human placenta stem cell treatment. The 40-minute procedure requires a small incision to be made in various locations on the body and tissue is placed underneath the skin and closed with a suture. There are billions of stem cells in the tissue that go to work replacing damaged cells throughout the body. Within three months, Diana reported a decline in her urine protein levels. Her US doctors were amazed when her blood tests showed that her kidney function was normal and told her to keep doing whatever she was doing. She continues to have one treatment per year to keep the disease in check. Today, her protein level is 85 mgs in a 24-hour period (normal range is up to 150 mgs) without edema or the use of steroids.
Stem cells are the foundation of normal growth and development of any organism and serve as a biological repair system for the body. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, a nerve cell, or a heart cell. Some research has indicated that placenta stem cells are multipotent which may explain the effectiveness of this treatment.
The placenta tissue, also known as afterbirth, comes from a hospital in Mexico. Once considered medical garbage, this tissue is now being harvested with mothers’ consent after delivering full-term, live, healthy babies. Since this tissue is taken after the baby is born, the fetus or embryo is in no way harmed by the collection of this leftover tissue. Once the placenta is harvested, extensive testing is performed by an independent lab to ensure the tissue is free of viruses. A certified laboratory performs tissue testing that exceeds the strict standards required by international law.
Since stem cells derived from placenta are not capable of inducing a specific immune response, rejection of the stem cells is impossible. The placenta tissue is recognized and accepted by all patients and does not have to be typed; however, customized and strategic placement of the tissue is used to target specific conditions for each patient.
About ISCI: International Stem Cell Institute was launched in April 2008 as a result of 17 years of stem cell treatment experience. ISCI assists with patient education, pre- and post-treatment support, travel logistics, and financial matters regarding treatment. The company is managed by Rita Alexander, a businesswoman with a desire to bring stem cell treatment to those who are suffering with a condition that has not responded to traditional medicine. Rita’s passion for this treatment comes from her own experience when she found her way back to a healthy life after being brought to her knees by a very humbling illness.
If you would like more information about ISCI or want to arrange a consultation or schedule an appointment, please contact the executive director Rita Alexander at 770-231-3500 or visit

Top 10 Fitness Tips

Getting fit doesn't always have to be expensive. Yes, it can be nice to have a state of the art gym membership, or top of the line fitness equipment, but unfortunately it doesn't always fit into everyone's budget, especially when times get tough. Budget fitness is possible and below are some ideas to get you started working out in your home or outdoors, so that you can get in shape without breaking the bank.

One way to get fit for less is to buy equipment that is inexpensive and has more than one purpose. Many popular items such as ab or thigh machines only work one part of the body, can fill up a lot of space, and can get costly. So when looking for equipment to use find items that create variety and can work the entire body:

can be used for a variety of exercises from abs to legs to arms. They also make great benches for a variety of exercises such as a chest press and can even be used as a seat at your desk.

are inexpensive, small, and lightweight. These are one of my personal favorites because they are easy when you are on the go. Take them along when you travel or when you are taking a walk.

will never go out of style. They are great for working out at home. They are less costly than larger fitness machines and they don't use as much space.

Such equipment can be easily found at your local department or fitness store or online.

Other low cost ideas to get fit outside of the gym include:

. There is a large variety of workout videos on the market from strength training to cardio dance to kickboxing. This is a fun way to exercise right in your living room and get fit for less. Check out your local store, library, or video rental spot to find some great DVD's.

. Most cable packages will have one or both of these available with your package. This is another great way to get a variety of workouts right in your home.

. When the weather is nice use the outdoors to run, walk, bike, or partake in an outdoor sport with your family or friends. Use picnic tables or benches to do step-ups, push-ups, or tricep dips.  Or you could even join a running or walking club.

So I don't want to hear any excuses! Budget fitness is possible by utilizing inexpensive equipment, videos, and more. These fitness items can be just as effective as the more costly ones, so get out there and get fit for less.

“I don’t exercise. If God wanted me to bend over, he’d have put diamonds on the floor,” comments Joan Rivers. It’s true, many of us simply do not enjoy fitness and exercising. It’s also true that every single person in this world can benefit from a proper fitness and nutrition program.
Use these top 10 fitness tips to get your workout routine started today. As always, talk with your doctor before starting a new fitness or nutrition program.
Tip #1- Set Realistic and Tangible Goals
Simply stating that you want to lose weight is not effective. Be specific. For example, I want to lose 5 pounds of fat by February 14th.
Tip #2- Measure Your Progress
Take your base measurements and then re-take them on a regular basis. You cannot measure your progress if you have no idea where you started from.
Tip #3- Log Your Workouts
Each and every workout session should be logged. Keep all of your fitness logs in a binder and create your very own success journal.
Tip #4- Mix Up Your Cardio Workouts
Cardio sessions should vary in intensity and in length. Try new cardio activities and keep things fresh.
Tip #5- Strength Training Is Not Just for Men
Everyone should strength train. Strength training builds muscle and increases bone density. Train all major muscle groups 1-3 times per week.
Tip #6- Rest
Get 7-9 hours of deep sleep each and every night. Also rest your muscles by not working out 1-2 days each week.
Tip #7- Warm Up
Warm up for 5-10 minutes before every workout session. You should feel a rise in your body temperature.
Tip #8- Cool Down
Cool down by stretching out your entire body. This helps increase flexibility and decrease muscle soreness the next day.
Tip #9- Nutrition Is Half the Battle
Eating small meals throughout the day complements your fitness routine. Learn to eat healthy and kick diets out of your life forever.
Tip #10- Stay Motivated
Find a workout partner. Sign up for a marathon. Work with a personal trainer. Do whatever it takes to remain committed. If you falter, let go of guilt and get back on your routine as soon as possible.
These top10 fitness tips build the foundation of a safe and effective fitness program. Anyone can drop body fat and gain lean muscle mass by following a realistic workout and nutrition plan. Stay the course and you will be healthier and happier for it.
Copyright 2005

Wellness Of The Body – What Does It Mean?

To exercise, or not to exercise... that is

the question. Instead, the questions are, "What type of exercise should I do?", "What type of exercise will fit my schedule, interests, and budget?", and "What type of exercise will meet my needs, abilities, and take me to my goals?"

Exercise is more than a weight loss or management strategy. Get past that idea, because dropping a few pounds always gets pushed to the back burner for when you, ah hem, have more time. Exercise is disease prevention, injury prevention or recovery, and pain management. It is stress reduction, a social outlet, and provides a tremendous boost of self-confidence. You DO have time each week for exercise. Now decide what type of exercise you are going to do during this time.

Pros: Elaborate home gym systems can be expensive, but they are a one-time investment compared to an ongoing gym membership. Even better, you can have a fabulous home gym by spending very little on a few key pieces of portable equipment. Even stairs and chairs are versatile pieces of exercise equipment. Use some of the money saved and hire a certified personal trainer to help you choose budget-friendly equipment and design an individualized workout plan.

Home gyms are convenient and eliminate any excuse or most legitimate reasons not to get-your-sweat-on (weather, childcare, traffic, scheduling, etc.). Compared to public facilities, home gyms are private, uncrowded, and (hurray!) more hygienic.

Cons: Home gyms require much internal motivation (which many people lack) and offer zero social interaction (which many people crave). Home gym workouts keep you out of touch with new trends in equipment and group classes, and this can seriously diminish the fun factor of your workouts.

Pros: Public and private fitness facilities offer everything that a home gym lacks - versatility, variety, external motivation and assistance from instructors, plus the overall energy buzz from other grunting folk.

Cons: Twenty minutes round-trip, ten minutes in the locker room, and fifteen extra minutes dilly dallying and chatting with your neighbor is an extra forty-five minutes that you could dedicate to something much more productive. Membership dues can be pricey, but worth every penny if your attendance and effort is consistent.

Conduct an experiment. Try out as exercise modalities that you think might interest you, and then choose your favorite(s). Or keep mixing it up indefinitely. Join a learn-to-run clinic in the spring to train for an upcoming 5K charity race. Purchase a popular, reputable DVD for Sunday roll-out-of-bed mornings. Make a weekly brisk walking date or play squash on Tuesday nights with your best friend. Indulge in 5 personal training sessions guaranteed to kick your backside (safely). Sign up for an 8-week outdoor bootcamp with your daughter. Ask for a 10-class punch card at a local yoga studio as a gift for your upcoming birthday. Spend 15 minutes stretching before lights-out most evenings. Invest in a stationary bike and vow not to use it as a clothes hanger. Run up and down your stairs 30 times while your supper casserole is cooking. How about renting some cross-country skis on a sunny winter afternoon? You get the idea.

Being sedentary is not an option, and there are as many ways to exercise as there are people in the world. What you do to get your heart pumping and muscles flexing is a reflection of who you are. Bottom line, if you enjoy your workout such that you want to do it again a few days later, you're on the right track. If not, find something else.

Wellness is the state of good physical and emotional health, and is further enhanced by a balanced diet, exercise, and healthy living habits. Nutrition refers to providing our bodies with the right foods and nutrients, in our ability to keep it healthy and functioning properly. Healthy living habits are those that do not cause us harm, such as avoiding smoking, drugs, and drinking excessive alcohol.
Wellness of the body occurs when all the body functions, both physical and mental are performing at optimal levels. Achieving total body wellness is more than just going to the gym, though.
Many factors contribute to our body’s wellness. The daily intake of the right food, vitamins, and water are necessary. It is also important to think about the physical conditioning our body to deal with life.
Physical exercise is key to the wellness of the body. Trying to achieve good nutrition without good physical health is pointless. They work together.
The body is comprised of all of our physical processes, as well as our mental processes. When we think about the wellness of the body, we usually think about weight and muscle tone. But what about all of our other organs and functions?
It is important to consider all of our body’s parts, inside and out. This can be achieved through daily physical activity that addresses the body as a whole, and by taking the time to rest and restore our bodies through sleep.
By using our resources intelligently and educating ourselves about total body wellness, it is not a hard goal to achieve. It can be a lengthy process, though. Years of abusing your body can take its toll, and getting it into good condition will take time and patience.
Taking care and consideration for every part of your body will result in total body wellness.
Everything will work together efficiently, and life will be more enjoyable. The human body, when treated properly, is a well-oiled machine. It is complex and powerful, and can withstand abuse and neglect, but for only so long. The human body is also home to our mind and soul, and when the body is in tune, our mind and soul can be strong as well.

Interesting Sports Fit Camp

It was a close call whether the fighters in the ring or the spectators around the beer tents were the more hostile.

I had only night in Dallas, but having spent the morning looking around art galleries and visiting the JFK museum (housed in the old school book depository building), I was feeling that this would be quite sufficient time in the city.

I was therefore very happy to take up the suggestion of my host in Dallas (Jennifer) that we go to an amateur boxing contest to be held at the nearby country club.

She explained to me that her friend, Kyle, was one of the boxers who would be fighting later in the evening. Since it was an amateur event, she also added that an extra twist would be added to each fight to provide further entertainment for the crowd.

Kyle was from near New York, so for the purposes of this bout, he was to be referred to as The Yankee. He was paired against a local man from Texas, to be known only as The Southerner. The historical rivalry between the northern and southern state was to give the contest additional spice.

It struck me that that this was a decidedly one-sided arrangement. I expected the home-grown spectators to be thoroughly partisan - and imagined that this Yankee would be booed and heckled at every opportunity.

We arrived at the country club just before seven in the evening. The club was located in a reasonably wealthy suburb of Dallas, and had swimming pools and several sports fields on the site.

Somewhat at odds with this more formal and exclusive atmosphere, was the entirely relaxed dress code. Most of the men wore shorts and t-shirts (many carrying whimsical comments or colorful designs). Women were fewer in number - but made up for this by wearing more flamboyant clothes - ranging from cut-of jeans to skimpy evening dresses and bikinis. Several members of both sexes also sported various tattoos on their forearms, shoulders and legs.

There were a couple of hundred people already in the country club when we turned up. After having my ID checked, I was given a writstband to show that I was good to be served with alcohol - which promised to be in plentiful supply.

An impromptu boxing ring had been set up on the lawns of the country club. There was also a small stage on the far side of the ring where several commentators were sitting. The event was being broadcast on one of the cable channels, so there were also a couple of men standing by the corners holding cameras for filming - while a giant boom reached out over the ring carrying another camera and microphone.

The evening was being sponsored by Corona, so there were numerous stalls set up on the lawns selling beer. This could be purchased by the single can or, for the more determined drinker, it was possible to purchase an ice-bucket filled with half a dozen or so cans, suitably chilled.

Small pennants and gaudy flags belonging to the sponsors were hanging up in the trees or draped around the iron fences which separated the lawns from the swimming pool. To complete the ambiance, several large electronic speakers had been set up all around the country club, which were pumping out a loud and continual beat of heavy rock music, to create an appropriately aggressive atmosphere.

One of the earlier fights was already in progress when we arrived. As an amateur contest, all boxers were required to wear padded helmets. In addition, the rounds seemed to have been shortened. It was difficult to determine exactly how long the rounds were meant to be, since the bell was almost inaudible and somewhat arbitrary. Each fight consisted of three of these rounds.

As well as having to cope with the punches of his opponent, each fighter also had to deal with the onslaught of sarcasm from the commentators. They kept up a non-stop banter during the entire bout, usually disparaging the abilities of both boxers. One of the commentators was nicknamed The Man with a Laugh like a Telephone. And before he spoke, he would always guffaw raucously - imitating the ringing tone of a traditional telephone.

In between rounds, young women wearing bikinis would parade around the ring, carrying a placard showing the number of the forthcoming round on one side, and the name of a local sponsor on the other.

This ritual caused great excitement amongst the crowd, and cries of "Get that top off" were common. At one point in the evening, one of the commentators on the microphone could contain himself no longer and called out "Aw, come on! Can't someone pull those panties down just a little bit when she goes past?"

At the end of each fight, several girls entered the ring and threw free sponsorship material into the baying mass of spectators. These were usually t-shirts, towels or hats. This was also a popular activity, and many of the audience waved their arms enthusiastically, clamoring for one of the gifts.

Although later in the evening, when beer and boredom had taken greater hold, several of these items were hurled back into the ring with as much enthusiasm as they had at first been received.

As I approached the ring, I saw that the fighters were between rounds, and the commentators were holding forth on the microphone.

- Is that guy being sick? He must have taken a real pounding. Good job the trainer brought along a bucket.

- He's not being sick. He's just spitting out his water. All fighters do that. Haven't you ever been to a fight before John?

The first bout ended with a knockout, and an interviewer immediately entered the ring to talk to each of the boxers. In addition to the honour (and presumably the prize money) for winning the contest, it also appeared that there was some kind of forfeit system in place to be performed by the loser. I initially thought that this would be applied to every fight - but later realized that it was specific only to this fight.

I had no idea how these forfeits had been decided upon, but it must have represented something personal for the two men concerned. The first punishment for the loser was that he had to eat his opponent's choice of breakfast - which comprised a mixture of tuna fish and cheese flavored pretzels.

For the second stage of the punishment, an old Kentucky colonel type, complete with cane and white whiskers, climbed awkwardly into the ring, asked the losing fighter to bend over, and gave him three or four symbolic whacks on his backside with the cane.

- Jeez! This is like some low budget gay porn film or something.

- I wouldn't know Mike. I've never seen a low budget porn film. Sounds like you're an expert though.

The next bout was between a man with bright yellow socks and a man wearing no socks at all. Before the first round began, the man with no socks was asked why he wanted to fight that evening.

- Well, y'know. I've just got through a very bad divorce. And I've been working out in the gym. But I just got to take out my aggression somewhere.

After the bell sounded, albeit faintly, No Socks came out fighting hard and landed a few hard blows on Yellow Socks.

- Wow, John! I reckon it was those socks that got him mad.

- Maybe his wife wore yellow socks too. So he's had plenty to practice on there.

- Woah! Nothing like some domestic violence humour.

- Yeah! That's probably why she wanted a divorce.

Despite a promising opening round, No Socks (and No Wife) could not finish off his man. Since the first fight had been decided by a knockdown, I wondered what would happen in the event of an inconclusive result.

There was nothing so technical as a points decision. The commentators would only voice their opinions on who had won; but they remained divided to keep the crowd interested.

So instead a winner was chosen by popular acclamation. As each fighter's name was called out over the microphone, the spectators were asked to cheer loudly for their favourite. Yellow Socks got some vocal support, but the bigger cheer by far came for No Socks. He had perhaps fought better - but I suspected that sympathies may have been with him on account of his divorce problems.

- Don't spend all that prize money at once, man!

- Hey, Mike. He won't be spending any of that money. His ex-wife is going to get her hands on all of it.

Our friend the Yankee has no chance, I thought. Unless he can knock his man out, there's no way this crowd would declare him the winner.

The next fight was much shorter - finishing with a knockdown early in the second round. This bout was between a business owner and one of his workers. Rather than settle their differences regarding working practices in the courts, they preferred the spectacle and the more historic tradition of a public duel. Since both men, however, were wearing the shirts of the firm concerned, their company was getting well promoted whoever won.

The boss was a thickset heavy, lumbering man - while his opponent was much smaller and leaner. The subtlety of matching fighters based upon their weights was clearly not one of the requirements for Texas rules.

The boss won the fight, finishing off his employee with a well-timed punch on the chin. After landing him unconscious on the canvas, the boss quickly went over to see that he was alright.

- He probably doesn't want the hospital bill on the company insurance.

- Yeah. Or else he's trying to avoid a lawsuit.

- Sure. I hope he's gonna let the poor guy have the day off tomorrow.

- Well, I'm guessing he's not doing much work anyway if he's in a coma.

The vanquished employee was brought to his feet and helped from the ring. Next to enter were two thin and rather puny men with tattoos all down both arms. They were two members of the same music band - and had decided to fight because one was always stealing female groupies from the other.

This contest proved very unpopular - since neither musician had much aggression, and both seemed more afraid of being hit than wanting to land a blow upon his opponent. The crowd began to boo loudly as the pair shadow-boxed carefully around each other - occasionally offering a tentative jab at the other.

- This has to be the worst fight in the whole history of fight night!

- Nah! These guys aren't even fighting. They're just slapping each other with their handbags.

Eventually, half way through the second round, one man fell down. It seemed unclear whether he had been hit or just no longer wished to stand up any more. This brought the sorry spectacle to an end. But despite his victory, even the winner was jeered off the stage.

The master of ceremonies then announced that there would be a short break before the main event of the evening: the long awaited contest between The Southerner and The Yankee. This would be a momentous event he added. A chance for history to be revisited - and rewritten.

While waiting for the fight to start, I wandered amongst the crowd to see what other people had turned up. There were by now just under one thousand people present - though the announcer had multiplied this by a factor of twenty to declare that the official attendance was nineteen thousand.

Most of the spectators were white and male. Though a few were black - and some men had also brought their wives or girlfriends too. There was plenty of beer in evidence too, with ice from the buckets strewn widely over the grass.

The combination of beer and men meant that there were, unusually, long queues outside the gents toilets. This also brought it's fair share of ribald comments from the guys waiting in line.

- Hey! Move along. I'm busting back here.

- Don't get so close dude. I don't want you sneaking a peek at me while I' doing my business in there.

- I reckon we should, like, just go in the ladies. Sure they wouldn't mind.

- I wouldn't touch that beer can man. I think I saw another guy just pissing in there.

- Ahh. I needed that. Better than sex, dude. Better than sex.

Standard dress wear was mostly t-shirts and baseball caps - many of the latter being worn backwards. A few, mostly black men, wore reflective sunglasses. Some cowboy hats were also in evidence.

A blonde girl with fat legs wore a rainbow colored garment with the phrase "Keep Austin Weird" written on it. Other choice t-shirts included the following. A picture of a cow skull above the words "Republic of Texas", "Hike Naked. Add colour to your cheeks", "Is that blood?", a picture of a small bird with the caption "I drop bombs like it's my job", "Vicious without mercy", "Texas Ranger", and a map of Florida shaped like a gun.

At last it was time for The Yankee and The Southerner to fight. The Southerner was greeted by loud and prolonged cheers from the crowd - while The Yankee was booed and hissed. The master of ceremonies began to enthuse the crowd further with a rendition of Dixieland.

After the last strains of "I wish I lived in the land of cotton" subsided, the MC entered the ring to interview The Yankee. When he learnt that he originated from Brooklyn, he started talking to him in a mock Italian-American, wise-guy gangster accent from the Bronx.

- And in the red corner, let me now introduce The Southerner. Born right here in Texas. The land that I still consider to be a separate country. I hope you realise, son, how great the expectations are on you tonight. Everyone here wants you to change the result of the civil war.

But it seemed that the crowd would be disappointed, for The Yankee fought hard in the first round, striking The Southerner several times on the head, though never actually knocking to the canvas.

- I hate to say it. But I have to give that round to The Yankee. That Southerner needs to fight back.

- The Yankee looks to be the quicker man too.

- Well, he's dancing. I'll say that about him. But I think The Southerner has a chance here.

- Yeah. Why's that?

- Well. I just realized. That Yankee has a great big nose.

- Right. Land a few hits on that huge New York schnoz, and it'll be game over.

And the Southerner did fight back in the second round, knocking The Yankee to the deck once, and having him up against the ropes covering up on a few occasions too. He must have taken the commentator's advice - for in the break between rounds a doctor came out to tend The Yankee whose nose was now bloody.

- Ha! That'll teach him to stick his ugly northern face across the Mason-Dixon Line.

- Yeah. Don't mess with Texas. What do you think about states' rights now?

The third round followed the pattern on the second. But despite calls from the commentators - "he's tired", "he's exhausted", "there's nothing left" - The Yankee continued to fight hard. Eventually, by the end of the round, he had received one blow too many, and was given a ten count, slumped up against the ropes.

- You have made history, son. You have changed the result of the civil war. And Texas is proud of you.

The Yankee was still receiving attention from the doctor and tried to leave the ring without further comment. He was not allowed to escape so easily.

- So what do you think about the South now?

The Yankee still seemed a little confused and concussed. Trying to regain some composure and standing with the crowd, he could only say "Well, I just love Texas" before climbing out of the ring with the doctor.

It was now dark, but the entertainment for the evening was not yet over. Large spotlights lit up the stage and lawns as the next two fighters were brought into the ring. The announcer went over to one, a tall man in a blue tank top, and asked him to explain why he was there.

- We've been friends since we were seven.

- So why do you want to fight him then?

- Well. He's always been like competitive. But he always beats me at everything. But I reckon I can beat him here in the boxing ring.

- So, if you're best friends, how many times have you seen his penis?

Tall Tank Top seemed unsure what to say to this question.

- Hey, it's just a question. No need to be embarrassed. John here on the mike with me is my best friend. And I've seen his penis a thousand times.

Tall Tank Top still remained silent, so the MC went over to the other corner to interview his opponent - a small wiry man in a white t-shirt.

- So you're best friends. Anything you can tell me about him?

- Yeah. He has a small wiener. Small and kind of fat.

- Guess this is what got you guys so competitive in the first place!

Tall Tank Top must have been angry at these words, for he came out of his corner whirling his long arms and pummeling away in the direction of his friend - though more often than not he connected with nothing more solid than air, as his opponent nimbly dodged the swirling fists.

- He could do some real damage with those long arms of his.

- Right. If he could actually hit something with them.

White T-shirt was knocked to the ground once, but managed to survive until the end of the round.

By the second round, though, Tall Tank Top was beginning to tire visibly, and his friend started to gain the upper hand, landing several blows on his body in quick succession.

- He's taking forever to throw those punches now. He's leaving himself wide open.

As the round ended, Tall Tank Top was breathing heavily, bending forward with his hands on his knees to recover his breathe. Even after the break, he was slow to climb out of his chair, and still panting hard. After a flurry of punches from White T-shirt, he covered up and shied away, turning his back on his opponent.

- You see that. He doesn't want to fight. He turned his back right there towards him.

- Must be just like being seven years old again. He'll be bending down next for sure.

But Tall Tank Top did not give in. He gained further time to recover after the fight was temporarily halted when White T-shirt's gumshield got knocked out. Although barely able to move across the ring at times, he refused to give up. He survived the final round, but seemed almost unable to find his corner, as he staggered in exhaustion around the ring.

The crowd was almost equally divided between those who recognized White T-shirt as the better fighter, and those who thought that Tall Tank Top had shown good fighting spirit. After two calls for a public acclamation, it was impossible to decide a result. A large proportion of the spectators began to chant for 'One more round!"

- We'd love to have one more round. And I know you would like it too. But looking at Tall Tank Top over there, I reckon that would be classified as cruel and unusual punishment. And Mr Obama won't let us do that no more!"

Eventually the result was declared by the referee. He showed no sympathy for Tall Tank top, and announced that White T-shirt was the winner.

Further fights were scheduled into the night, but some of our group wished to go out to a local bar to commiserate with the defeated Yankee - while others wanted to turn in for an early night.

As I was leaving there was a fight in progress between The American and The Mexican. The Mexican did not seem to be very popular with the crowd - but by no means as unpopular as The Yankee. The announcer went over to interview him before the contest began.

- I'm sorry Mr Mexican. But I have to ask you this. It's a new law. What exactly is your immigration status?

The Mexican seemed unwilling to provide any kind of answer to this question, so the announcer continued on a different subject.

- So what tactics will you be using to fight The American?

- It's called the American shield. It means that he has to knock me out to win. I'll never give up. I'll never quit.

- So Mexicans never quit. Is that right? Apart from the ones I employ to do my garden, heh? I don't know why. Seven dollars an hour seems a fair wage to me.

I left before the fight ended, so I did not learn whether The Mexican or The American was victorious. The crowd was cheering loudly as we went - so I guessed they were clearly enjoying the contest.

People find less time to do regular exercises and have balanced diet throughout. When a person fails to take care of his health, it ultimately results in body illness and overweight. Weight loss boot camp are conducted especially for the people who finds less time in enjoying the fun over their. Sports are one of the good ways of getting healthier and fitter. Most of the people have specific goal in their life time and they act accordingly with some sort of inspiration.
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Lactic Acid and Muscle Soreness

Quality fitness centers provide individuals with the opportunity to improve and maintain their health, weight, and overall quality of life. It can also prove itself a social hot spot, and a means for people to deal with stress and anxiety. If you are in the market to start up your own fitness center, you should take the time to put together a ship shape business place in order to ensure the overall success of the business. While the market is extremely competitive and quite crowded, there is always room for aspiring business people to jump on in. In this article, we will outline the steps to getting started.


• Financing

• Location

• Business Sense

• Equipment

• Staff

• Facilities (bathroom, shower, etc.)

• Water Fountains

Step 1 - Begin by making up your business plan. With any new venture, it's always vital to have a plan that outlines your financing, operations, and marketing goals. This is a necessary first step, and must be in place in order to move onward.

Additionally, you must secure money to start your business. Determine whether you will be using your personal funds, or if it would be more appropriate to seek out a team of investors. Your plan should include all of this information alongside a three year projection to enable you to determine how the business will pay off.

Step 2 - Find a location. If you are intent of offering classes, you will need at least one space for a studio. This will allow you to provide members with yoga, or spinning classes while other members enjoy the equipment. If this is not part of the plan, you will only require enough area for the equipment, stretching area, and any other offerings. Take into account the amount of space you will need for locker rooms and showers. It is crucial that each and every aspect is taken into account in order to avoid problems down the road.

Step 3 - Obtain your equipment. Find a supplier that is willing to sell you the equipment at wholesale. Make sure to shop around in order to fid the best possible price for the equipment you will need. Additionally, you will want to ensure the products all come with warranties. Find the best deal and get buying!

Step 4 - Find your staff. Place ads in local print publications advertising job openings at your center. Be sure to check up on the credentials of all candidates to make sure they are CPR-certified, and have an extensive knowledge of fitness and exercise techniques. You will also need to find employees to man the front desk and to take phone calls. Check your references, and take only the best.

Step 5 - Open your fitness center. Consider various offers, including "first month free", or special incentives to get people to enroll. Advertise online and in local publications. Pass out coupons and post flyers in nearby health food shops and community bulletin boards. Treat your members like gold, and watch your attendance expand.

You’ve just started a new exercise program in the gym or have taken up running. The following day the muscles you have been exercising are sore, achy and tired. This is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The muscle discomfort and fatigue is commonly blamed on lactic acid build up by many athletes. However this is a fallacy. Lactic acid is not the culprit for this muscle soreness.
Lactic acid is produced during high levels of activity when the oxygen requirements of the muscles are higher than can be supplied by the blood circulation system. In order for the body to produce the required energy, then the body begins another process, anaerobic metabolism, which does not require oxygen.
During the breakdown of glucose and carbohydrates, the cells of the body make ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which provides energy for most chemical reactions in the body. Lactic acid is a by-product of this reaction.
Lactic acid has a bad reputation. When it is made by the body, it splits into lactate ion (lactate) and hydrogen ion. The hydrogen ion (H+ acid) can interfere with electrical signals in the muscles and nerves, slows energy reactions and impairs muscle contractions. The burn felt during intense exercise is considered to be caused by hydrogen ion build-up. Lactate on the other hand is an extremely fast fuel. Whenever carbohydrates are used, a significant proportion is converted to lactate. This lactate is then used in the tissues as fuel or it is transported via the blood stream to other parts of the body that require energy.
Rapid use of carbohydrates for energy production during intense exercise accelerates lactic acid production. Temporarily lactic acid builds up in the muscles and blood, causing the familiar muscle burning sensations. If the intensity of the exercise is reduced then the rate of lactate used for energy soon catches up with the rate of lactate production.
Lactic acid is responsible for the burning muscles during and after exercise and this is why many suspect it to be responsible for soreness 24-36 hours after intense exercise. However, lactic acid is completely flushed out of muscles within 30-60 minutes of finishing intense exercise. There is no abnormal levels of lactic acid in the tissues or blood when the dreaded DOMS strikes.
Research indicates that DOMS is more likely caused by localised damage to the muscle fibres membranes, the connective tissue and the contractile elements – namely microtrauma to the muscle fibres. Over the 24 hours after intense exercise, the damaged muscles become sore and inflammed. Chemical irritants are released from damaged tissue, triggering pain receptors. In addition to the injured muscle fibres, there is an increase in blood flow causing a swelling of the muscle tissues which again may stimulate pain receptors. In the morning following the exercise, the muscle fibres are fatigued, have microscopic tears and are inflammed. The muscle nerve supply perceives this as an abnormal state and sends pain messages to the pain.
Typical recommendations for dealing with DOMS include light stretching and exercise, massage (of course!), submersion in a hot bath, etc. All these are aimed at lightly increasing blood flow to the muscles and damaged tissues to facilitate repair (and not flushing out non-existing lactic acid buildup).

A Bodyweight Exercise For Explosive Power and Hard-Core Fitness

The heart plays a vital role in keeping the body alive. The heart is a pump that pumps life through the body. The heart has two main functions. It pumps blood to the lungs to retrieve oxygen and then pumps that oxygen into the blood and transports it around the rest of the body.

The heart is actually muscle and you have to keep training the muscle to maintain its conditioning. As the saying goes if you don't use it you will lose it, and this also applies to the heart.

When the heart is in top condition the body works like a highly maintained car engine, it runs perfectly. A heart that is healthy and well taken care off is more able to cope with demands and stress that is put on the body. As the body has been designed to move it is the constant of physical activity that keeps your heart fit.

A healthy heart can provide you and your body with many benefits as follows:

• By acquiring the habit of doing physical exercise everyday you can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease and coronary heart attack. These exercises do not have to be intensive are done for a long period. As little as 15 minutes a day of exercise that makes you breathless will greatly improve the health of the heart.

• A heart that is healthy and strong will enable the body to function more effectively. This will enable the body to take on more strenuous activities and the common daily tasks are done with efficiency and comfort.

• A trained and healthy heart works more efficiently than one that is out of condition. This means the it beats at a lower rate when the body is resting. Over time this means the heart works less and does not wear out.

• The great thing about your heart is that it has the ability to heal and repair itself. For example, if it has already been damaged by heart disease it can be repaired through the proper healing processes and activities.

As you can see the heart plays a very important role and as it is a muscle of the body you have to keep training it to keep it healthy. The best way to do this is to look at your current lifestyle and see if any improvements can be made. For example, you could cut down on high fat foods and introduce more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. If you do not take any exercise then maybe you should consider joining a gym or go for a jog a couple of times a week to keep you and your heart in shape.

Always seek medical advise before changing your diet or taking physical exercise if you have a health condition.

When you think about bodyweight exercises you probably think pushups, situps,
bodyweight squats, pullups, dips, etc. There are so many bodyweight exercises
that you probably never heard of, Thrusting Pushups, Grasshoppers, Frog Pushup
There is one exercise that is a sick and result producing, yet most won’t do it, it’s
painful, it makes your lungs burn, makes your legs scream, the intensity is incredible,
the exercise is the Burpee.
A few seconds into this exercise will show you the benefits, this is not a exercise for
the weak, it’s for the hard trainer, the person that won’t give up, and your fitness level
will soar beyond what you have ever thought.
The Burpee should be used as part as a fitness program for the person that wants a
high level of fitness, they are very demanding you will either love them or hate them
and most hate them, they hurt, they make you breath hard, your lungs hurt and
your legs will burn.
You can get a great workout in as little as 2 to 3 minutes, and this is great for a busy
lifestyle. If you can workout for only 2 to 3 minutes and get great benefits wouldn’t it be
worth it.
If you believe what you read, you can’t get a workout in 2 or 3 minutes. This is where
the fitness experts and doctors maybe wrong. You don’t need 30 minutes of exercise
to get into great shape, you don’t even need half of that.
The Burpee is a great way to push yourself to the next level. The Burpee is a total
body workout, you will burn more fat, build better endurance, and a greater level of
physical fitness.
You can do the Burpee anywhere, indoors, outdoors, in a bedroom, a hotel room where-
ever you are, the Burpee will get the job done.
To do the Burpee:
1. Start in a standing position 2. squat down and put your hands on the floor.
3. kick both legs back at the same time ( you are now in a pushup position ).
4. bring both legs back under you, towards your hands, and jump up in the air.
This is 1 fast movement and should be repeated for as many as possible.
For a quick workout try this:
Do 10 Burpees, rest 10 seconds, Do 9 Burpees, rest 9 seconds, Do 8 Burpees
rest 8 seconds, continue until you get to 1 Burpee, when you get to 1 Burpee
work back up to 10 Burpees.

7 Fall Activities for Fitness and Fun

When studying which cardio machine is best for you, you have to do a lot of research. You don't want to walk into a gym and use a treadmill, because it was the only exercise machine free and then buy it because you liked it. You have to study which cardio machine will benefit you better than the others.

For example if you have weak legs or weak knees, then you won't want to excessively exercise them by using an exercise bike. Instead a treadmill might be the perfect option. Because you can start off on a lower walking speed, and then when the knee or leg starts to get stronger, then you can pick up the pace and start to gradually strengthen the area that was weak.

In this article I am going to look at cardio machines and see which one is best for home users. Also you will discover which one is perfect for you.

Cardio machines are the perfect exercise equipment to use when working out. Cardio workouts are a great way to keep your lungs and more importantly your heart in good shape. When using cardio machines you will also burn calories and fat, plus boost your energy simply by using cardio machines as part of your daily exercise. One cardio machine to use is a treadmill. We all know how expensive treadmills can be but it is a cardio machine and you know that you are going to have a healthy heart in no time.

One prime thing to remember for when you are thinking about buying cardio exercise equipment is the room required for your cardio equipment. Treadmills and exercise bikes are all well and good. But if you do not have the space for these pieces of equipment then you would have wasted a lot of money. There are other pieces of cardio equipment that are a lot smaller and still do the same work on your body.

One piece of cardio exercise equipment that doesn't take up a lot of space is the Both Sides Up ball (BOSU.) This is a very small piece of exercise equipment and allows you to perform exercises with ease. The BOSU is also a very cheap piece of equipment usually costing around $10-$20.

A rowing machine will also not take up too much space but once again the cost can be a factor when it comes to deciding on a purchase. A rowing machine will exercise your upper body and keep you toned. If you can ignore the fact that you aren't actually moving but staying within the same scenery then maybe a rowing machine is a good choice for you.

Overall Cardio exercises are essential to keeping a healthy heart. But it is up to you which cardio exercise equipment you choose to have in your home. You will need to weight up the advantages and disadvantages of each piece of equipment. If you see a personal trainer or even a doctor they will be able to give you the right advice on which piece of cardio exercise equipment will be best for you.

With gorgeous foliage and cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect season for outdoor activities. There’s something invigorating about a breezy fall afternoon that quite simply revives the soul. If you’re looking for ideas on making the most of this season, below are a few suggestions for fall activities for fitness and fun.
* Hiking. Whether hiking along a rugged mountain trail or in a wooded area, the time of year is just right for this endeavor. With a sense of adventure in the air, you may find yourself tackling trails that before seemed too challenging. If you own a mobile GPS device, use it to create some new hiking paths.
* Flag football. Reminiscent of a movie scene on a college campus, get together with a few friends for a game of flag football. With high school, college and professional football in full swing, your competitive spirit should be up for the challenge. Flag football is a great way to spend a fall afternoon.
* Jogging or walking. For those who enjoy jogging or walking, fall makes this exercise just a bit more pleasant. Enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of the season on an extra long route on weekend mornings.
* Raking the yard. Who says raking the yard is just hard work? You can actually have some fun with it. Share the task with family members and think of creative ways to make raking a game. No matter who wins, all can enjoy the sense of accomplishment with a cleanly raked yard.
* Bike riding. Another way to get in a solid and enjoyable workout during the fall is to ride your bike. Whether competing in a local race or going for a more leisurely ride, your spirits will soar will when biking on a cool fall day. If you have children, bike riding makes for a nice family activity.
* Yoga. For those who are passionate about yoga, try an outdoor session as the sun sets on a glorious autumn day. The serenity of nature will map to the inner serenity you’ve found. Yoga is such a relaxing form of exercise and meditation, and the fall weather truly compliments this discipline.
* Camping. Finally, if you’d like a weekend filled with both fun and exercise, go camping. Whether setting up camp or scouting for wood for a bonfire, you’ll truly enjoy the camping experience during autumn.
Clearly, fall is a great time of year to pursue countless activities. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy autumn to the fullest. After all, winter is right around the corner.

How to Build a Home Gym and Why

Today when obesity, health problems and lethargic dispositions are the commonest of all problems among people, irrespective of their age and shape, the best, hassle-free and by far one of the cheapest approaches to keeping oneself fit and fine is to hire a physical fitness trainer.

At the gym or other physical fitness centers and clubs, it might not always be possible for the trainer to zero down his attention on you and help you resolve your health problems. But once you hire one of these trainers for yourself, the valuable suggestions, exercise details, scrutinized movements and most importantly the diet charts are all yours.

The personal fitness trainer usually pledges to make your work-out procedure an easy and simpler task. Under their professional guidance and constant supervision you enjoy the benefits of a completely customized work-out schedule based on your health conditions and problems.

Initially, it was just a handful of influential people like celebrities and millionaires who could afford hiring a personal trainer; but fortunately, times have undergone drastic changes these days. Why should celebrities have all the fun? Time has made us all health-conscious, and this has made fitness centers and trainers come up with exciting and interesting "offer packages" that can easily be borne even by the average household. Depending upon the services provided, each package comes up with a different price. It's not that all fitness trainers charge as per the package price. There are trainers who may also charge you on a per day basis.

If you are really serious about the fitness regime, do consider hiring a fitness trainer who will provide the best guidance. Considering your health conditions, your weight and other related health problems, the trainer will chalk out a set of work outs for you along with a nutritious diet chart, all of which needs to be religiously followed. However, a fitness trainer is more focused on the exercise routines and at the end of the day he/she aims to tone down the accumulating fat in your body, courtesy regular work-outs.

Hiring fitness trainers have become a trend these days. As a member of the glam world, or as an athlete, or just as an average citizen if you're looking forward to stay in shape and live a healthy life, considering a personal fitness trainer is highly recommended. You will get the best of services at the most affordable rates. As such it is advisable that you take full control of the entire situation before it slips off your hand!

Fitness trainers have together formed an umbrella for all people undergoing fitness therapy. For example people suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure and the like will be required to follow a set of special exercises and abide by a unique diet chart in order to keep themselves healthy. This can again be possible with the personalized services of a fitness trainer. Sometimes, people also need a fitness coach or trainer for sports associated skills as karate and aerobics.

Working out on a regular basis is easy, but monitoring them and checking if it's effective or not is important. This is exactly where the role of a trainer comes into play. Your personal trainer assists you in checking the records of how much weight you have lost in a particular tenure.

The goal of a fitness trainer is not just limited to helping you get into a better shape through the different fitness regimes, but to also to equip you with a healthy lifestyle which in turn will help you to get into a prim and proper shape.

Building a home fitness center might not be as hard as you thought. Fitness equipment and home gyms are not bulky and room filling as they once were. Sure you can purchase a gigantic home gym if you want too. You will spend a lot of money and probably not use it much. People tend to look at something large and associate that with a lot of work and loose interest. Now days you can by weight benches, dumbbells, and exercise balls and do a variety of different routines. A lot of fitness equipment folds up or lays down flat for easy storage. Some people say ” I need a trainer to show me how.” well if your one of these people then you should get a TV and DVD player. There are many fitness trainers out there that have their own DVD’s to show you how.
You might ask why build a home gym? Well there are several answers to that question. What if you drive to the health club, now days gas is double if not triple the price, depending on where you live. Lets say you drive 5 miles to get to health club and gas is $3.70 a gallon. Your car goes 28 miles on a gallon of gas. To go there and get back is 10 miles. That is almost 2 gallons of gas for a 5 day a week routine. That’s $7.40 a week on gas and $380.00 a year. Then you factor in memberships. Now each club is different but most charge a monthly membership. Usually around $40.00 a month depending on what you want. Well at that price it is around $480.00 a year. Just those two factors alone cost around $860.00 a year. If you go for a couple years you just spent $1720.00. Now don’t forget that that is just single person, families are even more.
People with families should really think about building a home fitness center or fitness room in their house. Think of the benefit of your children seeing and learning how to stay fit right along with you. Now it has become a whole family routine. There was an article in the local paper that said by the year 2014 over 80% of America will be obese. That is a scary thought. Our children need to learn how to stay fit and you can’t always do that in a health club. Sometimes it has to be under your own roof.
Another reason is time, probably the most important reason of all. Now days, time is everything, there just is not enough. If you could do your exercise routine before work or after work at home, without spending the time to drive there, would it not be worth it. For mothers especially it would be worth it. Imagine doing your exercises at anytime during the day at the drop of a hat. That is always a problem at the health club, because how many times have you had to wait in line just to do a little cardio or get on a weight bench. A home gym provides you the time you need to get your workout done and not wasting your cardio time.